Tuesday, December 20, 2016


For some reason, the spacing in this posting is skewed. I tried to fix it but to no avail, I could  not.  I apologize in advance for this.

When I found this cabinet door at Habitat for Humanity, I grabbed it as fast as I could.  I know most of you  would say, who would want a single cabinet door that had peeling paint? 

Well, I saw a new life in this once cast aside treasure.  I went to my go-to box of cabinet pulls and knobs and pulled out a pair of pulls.

Next, I asked Mr. Thrifty if he could drill the holes for the pulls.

Because there were layers of paint, I decided to go to my trusty Klean Strip stripper.  I know it is  messy, but the door came out very clean.

This photo shows before I did the final sanding with the mouse sander.

I did find a nice bit of beautiful gray green paint left on the surface. Because I wanted to show it a bit chippy, I left some behind.  You'll understand once you see the final product.

I then placed clear bumpers underneath the door so the screw would not scratch the surface of any table that I would place it upon.


I picked up this vintage Christmas image on the after Christmas sale for 90% off a couple of years ago.  While picking another scrapbook paper, I layered the 3 papers together.  I then placed them in the center of the door.

I went to the glass company and had a piece of thicker glass with buffed edges to lay over the design.  Because of this, the image can be replaced with other seasonal designs so the tray is multifunctional.

I added a cute holly branch to the handle to add a bit more Christmas cheer.

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