Monday, March 27, 2017


It has been almost 2 years since Mr. Thrifty painted the Great Room and foyer.  Mr. Thrifty was going to take a week off work so he suggested getting back to the painting.  A lot of people would laugh, but when we have 'vacation', a lot of times we do projects around the house together.  We are so much alike in that we enjoy working around our house and we get along well, which is great.

The Mr. had painted the foyer and Great Room Repose Gray.  I still love the fresh look of the gray palette.  The shade I picked for the dining room was one shade darker--Mindful Gray.  Once the prep work was done--taping and protecting the 3 white pillars in the foyer, Mr. Thrifty was ready to do his thing, and he does it so well!!!

The next day he painted the walls of the dining room.  The following day he painted the 4th column.

On Wednesday of the 'vacation' week, we pulled out the new pressure washer and cleaned 3 of the larger rugs.  I love this new toy.  All the porch cushions that live out on the porch were done too.  They look brand new!  I am amazed that using COLD water from the outside faucet, with a bit of liquid soap can renew these items.

Sorry to get off topic, but here are a few pictures of the dining room.



The paint is dark in this picture, but some of this was because the windows were covered and the light was diffused.

Once the windows were uncovered, the color brightened up.

The next posting will be a surprise.

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