Sunday, March 5, 2017


I realize that I am posting this much later than I wrote it.  But here it is March, and we still haven't had a significant winter. 
Hard to believe that in the middle of January, I spied these beautiful primrose plants at Aldi's.  I grabbed 4 and put them in my cart.  Nothing like adding a spot of spring into the household.
It was so easy to place a couple of them into my terrarium.  The other two were placed near them. 

All I do is mist them and being in the terrarium, they are doing beautifully.

Adding a black and cream toile tea towel from Savannah completed the scene.

 These  flowers are so vibrant.  Maybe another reason that I bought them was because they brought back the special memory of visiting my friend in Belgium and seeing her front garden filled with the primrose quilt pattern literally took my breath away.

This is for you Brenda!

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