Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Last summer as I was dropping off a load to Good will, I spotted this precious vintage wicker high chair for $5.00.

The right arm of the chair was quite mangled but I bought it anyway thinking that I could repair the arm and repaint it with a fresh coat of white paint.

Here is a picture of the chair.

Well, the best laid plans do change.

Cut to this week when I spied the cutest mixed  bloom basket at Aldi's for $4.99.  I scooped it up, came home, pulled the price tag off of the chair and drug it to the front porch.  I placed the basket in my sweet copper planter and set it on the chair.  Adorable!!!

Sometimes you just need an inspiration!

As you can see, the blooms are bursting.

So glad that I picked this high chair up to give it another life.  You can't even see the broken arm of the chair anymore.

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