Sunday, June 11, 2017


While taking part of the softball team to their out of town games there are a few perks.  Last week, I  spied two thrift shops about 4 blocks from the field.  Since they had to be there one hour before the game, it was doable to drop them off and swing back past the stores.  It was a win-win for me.

In the back of my mind, I kept contemplating the number of girls I would have to take home.  I parked and picked the cutest storefront first.

After 5 minutes, I found these two treasures.  The first being a desk repainted with the British flag.  Originally when my oldest was planning on moving into her apartment for next year, she inquired about taking her mirrored vanity.

I was afraid that it would have undue wear and tear in an apartment, so I was on the look out to find a replacement desk.

I spied this piece in the corner, originally priced at $99.00 down to $59.00.  A perfect find!!

While walking past another booth, I found this sweet plastic painted bed molding.  For $6.00, it would be a great piece to hang behind one of the twin beds with thin white gauzy fabric draping from underneath the crown.

All in all, I transported both pieces back home.  A good day for all.

Oh, the other girls got rides home, so my new found treasures had plenty of room to travel to their new home.

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