Monday, April 30, 2012

Chandelier I

This chandelier project would be the first of many that I would redo.  I found this item at the dump.
After removing the light  bulbs, I slid the yellow tubes off the stem of each arm.  These were cracked and I threw them away.  You can buy replacement tubes at a lighting and fixture stores.

The next step is to lightly sand the brass surfaces. I took paper towels wadded up and stuffed each of the light bulb holes.  Next, I suspended the fixture on a rope under a step ladder.

This is a different chandelier, but it shows my ladder set-up. First, I spray prime the piece and let it dry overnight.  Using the white appliance paint, I gave the fixture two coats of paint.

This unopened can was purchased at an estate sale for .50.    This product usually costs about $5.50.

The next step was making the shades for the lights.  I had some leftover off white silk in my fabric bin.   First, make a pattern of the shade and add 1/4 in. to both sides.  I used spray adhesive directly on the shade prior to laying the fabric over it.  The extra 1/4 in. on each side can be folded over the edges of the shade.  Using a glue gun, I glued an ecru beaded trim to accessorize each shade.

Chandelier crystal prisms were purchased online through a discount chandelier site:  I bought 1 foot of chandelier crystals on chain.  This chain was broken into 5 equal pieces to connect the arms.  I did not buy bobeches because the metal ones already attached to the arms just needed tiny(5 per light) drill holes to attach the crystals.

Sewing a cord cover out of the remaining silk fabric was gathered on the cord before hanging.

The next blog will include changing out the shades and cord cover to give this chandelier a whole new look.

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