Friday, July 20, 2012

Mother of Pearl Buttoned Birdhouse

While preparing for a silent auction, I organized an art project/donation for each of the pre-K through eighth grade classes.     I needed to come up with 10 different projects.  Each level had to involve the collective help of all the students. 

This project was made in the kindergarten class.  I should preface that I found the vintage baluster at the same place I bought the mental hospital wood shutters in New Hampshire.  Mr. Thrifty built  a base to hold the birdhouse leg.  The birdhouse was donated by a parishioner. 

I painted out the base and birdhouse and cleaned the baluster.  I like the look of the chippy leg stand.

For the kids part, they helped glue the mother of pearl and white, cream and ecru buttons onto the roof.  Each child picked up a few buttons and  showed me where he or she wanted to place them.  Since I was using hot glue, basically they handed me the buttons and I applied them.  It was so cute at the end of the art session, I held up the birdhouse and they applauded.  They were all very proud of their involvement on the silent auction project.

Since I don't have any closeups of this particular birdhouse, I asked my dear friend Tara if I could see pictures of the one that I made for her.  She most graciously passed on these photos.  Thank you!

Doesn't it look great in the woodsy scene?  I can almost see her garden in the top right hand corner.  Notice the awesome chippiness(is that a word?) on the baluster.

I forgot about the sweet button on the perch.

I do recall now after looking at the pictures, that I crackled the birdhouse itself prior to painting it white.  I also distressed the roofline just a bit.  The birdhouse has held up rather well for 5 years. 

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