Friday, July 27, 2012

The Tale of Two Porch Posts-Part 2

                                        I found this one in the archives.  I promise a new posting next week.

Here is the continuation of the Porch Post Project Part 2:

The other sole post just leaned against the wall in the garage until we moved. As the movers were bringing the lone post into the garage, I immediately noticed something awry and asked,  "Where are the gingerbread pieces that belong on the post?" "They weren't there when we picked it up!", which means, they knew it was broken.  After clearing out all the moving boxes, the two gingerbread pieces were found. These are the very ones I use in staging. (See picture.)

  Literally, all I did with all these porch post pieces was to take them outside, give them a give scrubbing with Soft Scrub and a rinse. When they dried, it was amazing how they whitened up without removing the great chippy parts.

While getting the new garage in order, I knew that we were constantly working around this lone remaining post. One day I mentioned to Mr. Thrifty an idea. What about it we cut this post in two. Easier said then done. Since the middle is cylindrical, it was hard to cut them on a flat surface. Long story short, the Mister cut the post in two.

As you can see, they aren't the same height, but that was fine with me. Now onto the bases and tops. I wanted something substantial, maybe a few graduated layers. Here is what we came up with.

I was happy with the bottom bases, but there was something missing on the tops. Back to the drawing board. We needed more chunkiness.

                                 Now we had the chunky tops to compliment the bottoms.

I puttied around all the edges between the cracks of the wood. Paint was the last step. I did not want to cover the chippiness on the poles themselves.

                                Notice that all the wonderful chippiness still is seen in the post.

After Christmas, they lived in the kitchen eat-in area. Now that it is spring, I put them outside. I think it gives the back porch some old time country charm.

                       And the beginning of May, she was moved to her proper place  outside the
front door welcoming guests.

Isn't she lovely?

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