Saturday, July 7, 2012

Patriotic Mantle

When my husband retired, I wanted to make a cute and simple table decoration.  I bought a few yards of red and white gingham and made 18 in. squares. Then, I sewed all the edges under.

We had a store in Little Rock called Garden Ridge. Since it was a July event, I looked for something summer-like.  I found these cute galvanized watering cans filled with tomatoe red geraniums.  All that was needed to finish off this piece were a few small flags. Place the gingham as a diamond draped on top of a plastic red tablecloth.  This really brightened up the room.

 Knowing that I could use at least some of them, I packed them away for summer.  When getting ready  to work on the July Mantle, I instantly thought of these.  I pulled out my silverplated cupcake stand to give it a bit more height.

So once I had the watering can, I thought, what other pitchers could I pull out to carry on the theme? 
I needed a white pitcher and a blue one.  The blue was easy.  I love anything cobalt blue china.  This pitcher actually came from Cracker Barrel.  I use it all year round.

               The white was simple.  I used my stand-by cream roses in the silverplate pitcher.

  I love the look of the three liquid containers in this setting.  The touch of the flags looks good.  Having flags sticking out of every container would have been too much.

                                         And the entire mantle...............................................

                                                         Three cheers for the U S A!!!!

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