Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our David and Goliath Project -Part II

While we were gone for the family wedding, Mr. Thrifty sweat and slaved over finishing the retaining wall project.

Two major items needed to be completed.  The caps needed to be placed and glued  onto the top of the wall.  Also, defining the rest of the  perimeter of the flower bed needed to be addressed.

After bringing home the concrete caps, the two of us tried to dry fit them.  Instantly, we realized that this would not be a snug fit especially around the corners.  A saw used for cutting through concrete was rented to make the exact cuts.  I think it makes such a huge difference to see the top caps fit tightly together.

While building the current house, I came  over one rainy day after they had finished bricking the exterior and picked up the remaining brick tossed into the mud. I probably picked up about 300 brick that day.

 At that time, we were looking into adding a 3 foot brick wall on the outside edges of the concrete.  Here is a similar look at our Little Rock home.

Since then, that priority has slipped down the list.  However, the brick would come in handy in defining the remaining perimeter of the flower bed.  Mr. Thrifty dug a 6 inch tunnel around the back of the bed.  Finally, he lined up the brick and filled them with sand to stabilize them.

    Notice the alignment of the caps on top of the wall.  They fit so perfectly together especially around the curves.

                                                            And the final picture. 

                                                            I think this is a job well done.

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