Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reworked Chandelier

As I sit here writing, I get very tickled just thinking of the story involving this project.  In the previous blog, I showed you how to up cycle a brass chandelier.  In this blog, I will put a new twist on it.


To begin with, the Little Rock house had a 10 light heavy black chandelier in the dining room.  I wanted to find a way to soften the black rod iron of the fixture.  I found a delicate light blue shabby fabric on line.  The idea was to make shades for this chandelier and add a cozy to the chain.

Once I glued on the printed fabric and trim, I wanted to add some dimension to the finish.  I rummaged through my bead box and pulled out a box of coral seed beads.  For those of you not familiar with seed beads, these are tiny, tiny beads that can be added for accents. 

I began looking at each covered shades and focused on the coral roses.  I applied Elmer's glue to areas in the rose and using  tweezers, placed the seed beads in random bunches around the shades.

I loved the effect that the beads added.  I was having  a former military boss of my husband's for dinner the next evening.  I hung the shades and cozy.  I thought that it looked gorgeous. 

Now, I have turned the chandelier on using the dimmer switch.  The ambiance of the room is set.  I serve the dinner and seat myself.  During the conversation, I am listening to the two talk and I see something fly out of the corner of my eye.  Then another and another.  It doesn't take long to realize that my chandelier shades are imploding.  When the light heats up the shade, those seed beads that didn't have enough glue to set them are ricocheting all over my dining room. 

The best part of this is that neither man was aware of the 'bombs bursting in air'.  I just giggle every time I see those shades.

When we moved, I packed up the 10 shades and cozy.  Up in the craft room, I needed some added lighting. I used the old up cycled dining room chandelier and added these shabby shades and cozy.


 I love the soothing calm that the fixture brings to the space. Every time I look up at it, a smile comes across my face.

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