Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chandelier I

 To begin this blog, I must apologize for not blogging the past week.  I thought I had published this blog on Aug. 18th, but it had vaporized in space. 

While in Dumfries, I pulled this scrappy chandelier out of the Prince William County Dump.

Never having up cycled one of these, I needed to enlist the help of Mr. Thrifty.  I wanted to suspend this from a hook in the ceiling, so I needed it rewired with a plug on the end.

After going to the lighting store, I found long white tubes that could replace the beige old cracked tubes that were suspended on each of the five arms. Later, these will be cut to size with a hand saw.

The first step was to remove the light bulbs.  The tubes slide up and off the stem of each light.  I then stuffed each of the light bulb hoes with paper towels.  The chandelier was wiped down of any dust and grime.

I suspended the chandelier underneath an opened painter's ladder.  Then, I gathered heavy duty plastic all around the outside of the ladder forming a tent. 

The first step is to prime with a white spray paint all areas of the chandelier.  Open the tent to expose the chandelier to air so it will dry.  I usually wait a few days, but this depends on the humidity in the air.

The top coat uses a great product.  You can find white appliance spray paint at Walmart, Lowe's or Home Depot.  I usually topcoat with at least two coats of this paint.  After this step, remove the paper towel wads from each socket.  Don't forget this step before painting or the lights will not work properly.

Usually this costs about $5.50.  This particular full can was picked up at an estate sale for $.50.

The shades were picked up at Tuesday Morning.  I wanted to embellish them.  I had a large piece of Duponi off white silk that I had purchased in order to make a First Communion Dress.  That is another story.

First I made a pattern of the shade, adding 1/2 inch.  It was sprayed with Elmer's adhesive glue lightly and the fabric rolled onto the shade.  At the seam, I turned under the fabric.

The final step was to glue gun a dangling trim with glass like crystals.

 The cut white tubes are attached over the stems.  New light bulbs and the embellished shades completed this project.

                         This chandelier was completed in 2005.  In 2009 it was given an update.

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