Monday, August 6, 2012

Whimsical Tarragon Vinegar Bottle

 When I was still single, friends and I would get together to try new food dishes.  The evenings culminated in a great avenue for tweaking our culinary skills.  At one such dinner, the host offered this wine served from a most unusual bottle.  I do recall that the wine was not very tasty, however the shape of the bottle intrigued me.

                                         Here is a similar bottle found on eBay.

The light bulb went off.  At the time, I was growing tarragon  in my backyard.  I researched recipes to find one to make my own tarragon vinegar.  Following is the recipe that I use.

-1 cup fresh french Tarragon leaves(4-5 sprigs that are  5 inches long)
-2 cups white wine vinegar

Fill the cleaned fish bottle with the cleaned tarragon leaves.  Prior to filling the bottle with the leaves
rub them together to begin releasing the essential oils in the herbs.

Heat the vinegar in a glass measuring cup for 2 minutes.  Then, set aside and cool the vinegar.  Once the vinegar is cool, fill the bottle. I use a decorated cork for mine. The vinegar will be ready to use in 4 weeks.

                                        My bottle always stays on my counter. 

I use my Tarragon Vinegar in a homemade Dijon salad dressing that I make up.

                                                  Homemade Dijon Salad Dressing

Layer your salad plate with 3 leaves of romaine.  On top, place sliced hearts of palm, fresh mushroom slices, whole black pitted olives and cherry tomatoes.  Drizzle room temperature salad dressing over salad.  Salt and pepper.  Serve.

The Tarragon Vinegar bottle and attached recipe card makes for a nice gift for friends who love cooking.

(Excuse the misspelling of 'freshly' on the recipe card.)


  1. I LOVE the recipe card! This dressing is also good on cauliflower (steamed) and red onion. Chill the salad so the flavor permeates the vegetables. So good!

  2. I forgot! Where the heck is my vinegar and recipe card???