Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Collage Gift #1

I wanted to try my hand at making a Christmas collage.  Basically, this process was part card making and part picture design that could be used as a display on a bedside table during the holidays.

It was important that the design used many elements and had a lot of dimension in the finished product.

Finally, I wanted to then take these designs, and put them in ornate frames to give as presents.

I fell in love with this vintage postcard.  The artist is Ellen Clapsaddle, born in NY during the Civil War years, who created  postcard designs depicting precious children.  I had collected many of her other holiday postcards throughout the years.  Since I was making this particular gift for close girlfriends, I found this picture very appropriate.  This could also be used as gifts for sisters too. 

 The first thing I did was pulled a piece of red gingham scrapbook paper. This was the bottom layer.  I then trimmed out the vintage postcard and placed that onto the right side.  At the bottom of the piece, I layered a holly and music themed scrapbook paper.  Using decorative scissors, I trimmed the top of this sheet. 

The next element I added was dimensional holly. I found a Christmas card similar to this which showed a vintage depiction of holly. I cut the image of the holly out and added some holly berries here and there.  Then, I glued and glittered some of the areas of the berries using red glass glitter to create shadows. 

A piece of ornate gold fabric trim was placed on the upper portion of the card.

I printed off the words Joyeux Noel on a sheet of crackled scrapbook paper .  This was glued to the garage sale tag.

                        Using red and white baker's twine, I made a knot through the hole of the tag.

                  Using foam adhesive dots underneath allowed the tag to become dimensional.

Once the design was completed, I purchased an ornate distressed black frames at Hobby Lobby at a 50% discount.

                    Once the design was placed into the frame, the whole picture came alive.

I find that the gifts made by hand also allow me  design a piece uniquely for very special friends and family.  Why don't you try your hand at creating your own holiday collage?

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