Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Pillows

Once that fall comes around the corner, I like to swap out my summer pillows on my Ikea Ektorp couch.   You might recall the blue and white pillows that I have used for the spring and summer months.

While living in Boston, there was a fabulous shop called Gold Lion.  It was an upscale thrifty decorator's store.  In one corner of the shop, there was a large table of fabric remnants, mostly for home decorating projects.  I pulled 4 or 5 remnants in the same color line and put them in my fabric tote for a later day.

On great thing about having a very neutral sofa(off white in my case), allows me to change out pillows during the year to complement the season.

I pulled out the golden fabrics and played with different ways to create the latest pillow design.  I should stop here and tell you about yet another collection of mine-----old buttons. 

Not to change the subject, but my father used to bring home these plastic containers from the church.  They held the Communion hosts.  He gave me one.  Since then, I have picked these containers up at estate sales for about $1 a piece.  These jars are great for collections.  I use them to store buttons, thread and wooden  knobs.

                                  They are readily available on the shelf in my craft armoire.

Cutting the fabric, sewing a few seams, and adding buttons for some character, this easy project can be made in under an hour.  Once I put the right sides together, I sewed the seams on three sides.  Then I turn the fabric right side out, inserted the pillow form and sewed up the last seam on the machine.  An important step that I would like to share is that whenever I make a homemade pillow covering, I always spray all   sides with at least 4 coats of Scotchgard.  This will keep it relatively clean.  Of course in my house, I have a  cardinal rule.  NO ONE is allowed to eat on the couch.  This prevents crumbs and spills from soiling these handmade pillows.

                         The golden pillows blend well with the orange hues of fall.

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  1. So pretty.

    (Tomorrow I may be drinking alcohol instead of tea if I don't get over this election sadness)