Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Updating the Advent Wreath

Advent is a season that takes place 4 weeks before Christmas.  It is a preparation time for Catholics to prepare for Christ's birth.  At this time, we light one candle per week starting with a purple one.  Week two is another purple candle.  Week three is a rose or pink candle.  The final week is a purple candle.

After moving last year, I couldn't find the box that held my Advent wreath base.  So, I improvised and used 4 small glass candle sticks to create one. It suited the purpose for this season.

After all the moving boxes were unpacked, the wreath base appeared.   The Advent wreath base that I was missing was made by my father. Basically this wreath base is a 11 inch circle with four holes bored out around the edges. It looks like this.  I'm sure, knowing him, that it was constructed out of a scrap of wood.

 It came in handy when the girls were in elementary school and needed to construct a wreath for Religion class.

Years ago, I had stapled fake greenery to the top of the base.  Easily, my 4 Advent candles slipped into the base.  This year, I wanted to kick it up a notch to make it a bit more elegant.

I pulled some ecru lace ribbon out of my stash and quickly glue gunned it to the outside of the base. 

             Once it was set on a silver plated compote, it gave me the look I was going for.

I printed off a vintage copy of the song, "O come, O come Emmanuel".  Putting it under the glass dome tied the two items together. 


Dad would not recognize the wooden base today.  But I know one thing for sure.  He would be thrilled that it was up cycled.

                                         Now, we just need to wait for Advent to begin.

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