Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gilded Office Lamps

Now that Valentine's Day is behind us, I wanted to finish showing you the last projects in the military office.

Lighting was the next step in the creative process to completing the masculine military office.

Once I had the mirrored coffee table and the black table/desk completed, I needed to find accents and lighting fixtures to give some warmth to the room. I pulled out these two lamps and knew that they would become part of this office. They were gold, but gilded in a good sense.

I want to show you the original price tag on each of the two lamps that I purchased from a flea market.  My cost was $5.00 apiece.  It was just one of those lucky deals.  However, when I bought them, I had no desire to have gilded lamps in my home. 

A side point here---It is very crucial to hang onto items that might have a future even though they don't fit into your current plan.  I know bloggers generally tell you the opposite, but such pieces are hard to come by and especially for that price.

These two lamps would fit perfectly into my office decor as is.  With the gold accenting the black in the table/desk and frames, they were a match.

 Wanting to add some texture and personality, I looked for shades at my local Walmart.  These shades had a faux leather look to them.  The following picture does not do them justice.

  I remembered that while I was at the King Cotton Fabric Store during the summer, I found in the discount bin 1 yard of black and gold trim for $1.00.  Grabbing the glue gun, I glued the trim onto the shades and one office lamp and one side table lamp were born.


So for an original price of $110.00 for the lamps(which I only paid $10.00 for the two), shades at $8.97 apiece and $1.00 worth of trim, these two lamps were transformed at a price of about $30.00.  That is a huge savings.  These low wattage lamps added ambiance to the office.

Stay tuned for the hat rack that was up cycled to add more West Point memorabilia to the room.

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