Friday, February 22, 2013

The $30.00 Empire style Couch with West Point Blanket

I have a so called hopper of posts written at any given time.  I wanted to post some of those older ones so clean it out.  Therefore, this posting follows the West Point office that I created for Mr. Thrifty.

Right before we left Little Rock, the owner of our mini storage unit called  to see if I was interested in a couch that was stored in a locker that was delinquent on their storage rent.  I rushed over and saw this couch.  Even though the material was in fairly good condition, it really wasn't my style.  After thinking it over a few minutes, I offered her $30.00.  She wanted it out of the way, and I of course could use another project.  A deal was made.

I stripped the wood and brought it back to the golden oak look.  The masculine look of the oak and fabric would be best suited for the office.

  Mr. Thrifty steam cleaned the fabric.  While looking at the legs, I noticed something odd.  The base of the legs looked rather dirty.  Recalling that this same look happened to a table that I had years ago, I grabbed the brass polish and got to work. 

Amazing!  The  brass feet alone were worth more than $30.00. When we moved to Alabama, the couch size fit into the study perfectly.  While I still was not fond of the fabric, it did lean toward the taupe spectrum, so it fit in with the other West Point pieces for the time being.

While going through Mr. Thrifty's memorabilia, I came upon this beautiful wool gray and gold West Point blanket..  Laying this blanket on the top of the couch made it look a bit more comfy.



The couch will remain like this until I find the perfect fabric.  A wool black and cream tiny check is swirling around in this head of mine.  We'll see.  Because the cushion needs some major fluffing, this isn't going to be cheap upholstering project.  With the wood trim on top of the couch, this piece isn't able to be slip covered.

      I think I will look in the men's suiting fabric aisle to start the hunt for the perfect fabric.

 Instead, I went with the damask pewter chenille fabric that I had used before.  I didn't feel that the suiting fabric would wear as well as the chenille.

 The couch gives the office a complete look with the blanket and lumber pillow to match.

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