Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Foyer 2013

I hadn't planned on creating a Valentine foyer display until a small miracle happened.

Once the leaves had fallen from the maple trees out front, I saw a beautiful bird's nest that was built around a tree limb rather than sitting in a more comfortable crook of the tree.  I carefully pulled down the nest and put it on the back porch. 

A week later, my oldest daughter was on the back porch with me and mentioned how cool the heart shaped bird's nest was.  I was surprised and took a second look at the nest.  Sure enough, it was in the shape of a heart.  What a coincidence!  I love finding items in nature that inspire me.

 That was all it took.  I recalled that I had been given a beautiful pink heart shaped crystal paperweight from my friend Tara.  I had an idea.  I went to my windowed coffee table(a previous post), and pulled out the crystal.  It fit perfectly in the nest. 

Sitting it in an old silver plated heart shaped tray added a bit of glitz to it. 

The shabby foyer table welcomes all who entered in through the front door for the holiday.


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