Monday, February 4, 2013

Patriotic Valentine's Pillow

Wanting to find another way to make a Valentine for my husband that was patriotic was a challenge.  And another fact that it can be used from year to year was an added bonus.

I was at Joann Fabric Store around Easter and was searching through the clearance rack.  They had this incredible quilt like fabric that was sold during the Christmas season.  Obviously, it was 75% off now. I thought it would be perfect to make a tablecloth for the next holiday season.

  However, I bought too much, but readily solved this problem.  I could make up napkins to compliment the tablecloth very easily.  I cut off a 9 square for each napkin.  Once all 4 edges were sewn under, I was ready to entertain.


                                                  This is one of the napkins. 

I had enough material to make 8 napkins. And there was still leftover quilt squares, enough to make the Patriotic pillow.

Another great advantage of this quilt-like fabric.  I can use the tablecloth and napkins for two holidays, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

 I still had a few extra heart squares.  Not wanting to waste a single scrap, I went to my computer picture file and found a patriotic valentine card.  How perfect.  I printed the patriotic picture off in reverse on my printer and used an iron to seal it onto a plain piece of cotton.  To further accent the picture, I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine and stitched around the picture with red thread.

Finally, I took an 'extra' heart square and with right sides together, sewed three sides together.  Once inverted, the pillow was stuffed with filling and the final side was sewn.

        For the Valentine's season, either side of the pillow is great to  prop up in a vignette.

                                  This was a very quick but sweet homemade Valentine.

Looking back, at the time that I bought this fabric, they had a similar pastel calico fabric quilt too.  Wouldn't that have been fun for an Easter table? I'll be on the hunt.

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