Tuesday, July 23, 2013


At a recent estate sale, I found a vintage linen runner embellished with lace and paid $1.00 for it because of a few holes.  I loved the lace edging.

The lace edging................


I had the perfect project.  My oldest daughter has a window that sits high in her bathroom.  For some reason, she thought that people could look in the window.  Notice the placement of the window.  I really don't think anyone could look into the bathroom.  She solved the problem by putting a hand towel over a tension rod to cover it.  I thought it looked hideous.
Back to my linen runner.
The first step was to cut the runner in half.  Then I trimmed off the turned under edging on each piece.
I pinned together the two sides together and sewed a seam.

The wrong side of the fabric.  Notice the hole is still there, but not for long.

The right side of the fabric ironed.
Measuring the window area was the next step.  I cut off about 6 inches from the top removing the hole.
 Making a pocket seam was the next step.  Ready to hang.
Recall the window.
Adding the vintage linen valance allowed more light into the room.
I think she is much happier with this addition to the bathroom.

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