Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am still in Illinois finishing up on the Maywood house.  Here are two posts for you to hold you over until I return to Alabama.

I knew that I wanted to use my large somewhat fading patriotic bunting as the centerpiece of my July mantle.  I have hung it over my front porch windows for many July 4th holidays.

Using the new updated chalkboard(wait until the next post), I draped the bunting over the top of the frame.

Now it was time to get the picnic baskets back out.
Topped with a white milk pitcher filled with faux cherry red geraniums gives the basket a pop of color.
An added pastry box bought in the 80's on a trip with my sister to Williamsburg is added to the mix.

Because this box in the old days was used for food storage, I thought that it would be great to hold sandwiches for the July 4th picnic.  Sorry that the description is rather tattered, but it happened in one of the moves due to the improper packing of the professionals. 
 These pantry boxes are handcrafted today in Williamsburg using maple for the sides. 
I pull out my 'Old Glory' chair every summer for the 4th of July.
Adding a piece of my cobalt blue and white china complimented the red in the geraniums.
The right side needed some height so I placed my tall, clear cylindrical vase with the branches from Easter back on the mantle.
A Blue Willow salad plate reflects through the vase.
A mirror that was on clearance at Hobby Lobby years ago was placed behind the pitchers to add some texture.
The mirror is very crudely made, but I like the roughness of the wood and the cast metal scrolled design.
I wanted to give the Patriotic mantle a history theme and bringing in the handcrafted pastry box and the rugged mirror gave it that essence of being time-worn.



 Thank an Armed Forces member for your freedom today.


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