Thursday, March 6, 2014


I love to use white damask linen napkins when eating on our finer china for holidays and  entertaining company.  However, has anyone noticed that they do not have a market for them anymore?  I scour Home Goods and TJ Maxx all the time in hopes of replenishing my supply of these napkins.  To no avail, I am on a constant search for them.
Last Friday, while stopping at an estate sale, I spied a set of 8 never been used white damask napkins(all matching too).  They were $.50 a piece or $4.00 for the set of eight.  It felt like hitting the mother lode.  However, they seemed to have aged a bit, but nothing a good hot soak in Biz would fix to brighten them.
I have another confession regarding doing the laundry.  I loved pressed but not too starchy linen napkins.  I came upon this product at my local Hancock Fabric store.  I was in the store looking for quilt batting and the store employee asked me if I had ever used this product-Best Press. This product is usually used for ironing quilting fabrics because it leaves such a clean surface after ironing.
 My opinion on this product is totally my own and I have not been compensated.
The reason that I like this product so much is that it doesn't flake when you iron your linens or pillowcases.(Yes, I'm one of those that still iron pillow cases.)

Didn't they turn out beautiful?

I'd say I'm ready for a dinner party!


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  1. Beautiful! and yes they are hard to find any more. I to iron my pillowcases although not all the time... I'll have to look for this starch and give it a try.