Monday, March 10, 2014


While cleaning out Mom's house, all of us that were left from the Thanksgiving 2013 festivities arrived at the homestead on Friday(Black Friday to some).  Who could imagine that in the matter of 6 hours, we could virtually empty most of the house--and have a great time doing it?  On hand were the majority of my siblings, our children and spouses.  We have quite a talented bunch in this family.  We worked like an army of ants. Someone was always off to collect more boxes at the grocery store, haul furniture, sweep a floor or occasionally,  hear the uproar of someone excitingly claiming a particular treasure.  It was a fun day and a lot of memories were made.

Which brings me to a particular set of items in the house.  My oldest daughter asked if she could have Mom's Irish coffee cups and saucers.  There were no other takers, so the set was boxed up.

Wanting to come up with a coffee table display for St. Patrick's day led me to these treasures.

I am going to preface this next statement with this thought.  I always say that I am going to the stash in the garage.  Seriously, I am going to the pile of junk in the extra bay of the garage.  I picked up this interesting piece.  I found this treasure at an estate sale in the garbage.  Literally, someone had yanked this top off of some type of furniture and threw it in the garbage heap on the side of the house.  I approached the estate sale person and asked if I could have this treasure.  I was obliged.  Initially, I had envisioned a breakfast tray.  When you look at the gaps in the corners, it is quite obvious that legs of some sort must have been attached. 
Well, for now, this piece would become the base of my St. Patrick's Day display on the coffee table.  I have enjoyed creating coffee table displays using atypical household items in the past.  I am happy to report, that I am continuing this streak to combine unlike items and mesh them for a beautiful coffee table display.

Other than being dusty, I love the carved details on the apron of the piece.  A quick coat of Old English revived it for this display.

I will place this wooden tray as the first layer.  I thought the scalloped like details of the edges added to that Old World look.

Because the base had rather sharp edges, I elected to place 4 of these felt adhesive pads on the four undersides of the tray.

Pulling the silver plate coffeepot from the bedroom along with one of my most favorite leather suitcases elevated the display up yet another level.  Grandma's silver spoons were placed to have at the ready when coffee is served.

A vintage Irish linen handkerchief that I have used in the past would double as a napkin.
One of my favorite charms from Dear Tara is tied onto the handle with kitchen green and white striped twine.
 I am really liking the rather beat up finish of the wood tray as far as being old and worn.  Look at the well worn scratches.  Only a person like myself could find beauty in this.  Well, maybe my Dad would too.

So we are now set for Irish coffee.  But something is still missing.......

 Aha! a fire.  Normally in Alabama we don't have much need for a fireplace but this winter has been different-really cold with even a bit of snow.  So, the fireplace has been lit to make us feel warmer and cozy.
And this was the perfect addition to the scene.

 Close your eyes and imagine being in your own cozy Irish cottage enjoying some coffee after dinner.  What a delight!


This posting was one of those that was created from pulled objects around the house(and of course Mom's special Irish coffee cups).  When a display comes together like this, without spending money, it is pure delight.

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