Sunday, March 16, 2014


 When St. Patrick's day comes around, I always make a special card for two special people.  The first is my Mom.  The second is my Mom-Cecilia's first cousin Martha.  Both are very proud of their Irish heritage.  In order to honor both of them, I got the card making supplies out and began.

Since I was thinking along the lines of vintage Ireland, what better to start with than an old frame.  This frame would be a temporary frame for the card.  As you can see, if was a mere quarter for this one at a garage sale.

When I think of an Irish cottage, I think of baskets.  I knew that I had some basket weave scrapbook paper.  I found a vintage map of the Emerald Isle.  After printing it off, I measured the basket weave paper to balance the card out.  Once it was glued on the cardstock, it looked like this.
I love this copy of the map of Ireland with highlighted views of actual castles and other prominent historical sites.

Just gluing the map onto the card brings that look that I am looking for.

While doing a Google search, I found this distressed Irish flag.

and some sweet shamrocks....

Cutting out the shamrocks, adding a bit of emerald green glitter and cutting off the chain leaves my dimensional flag ready to be added to the card.

Though I will not be delivering this card with the frame in the mail, it was fun to place it upright to add a bit of Irish spirit to the household.

The luck of the Irish may be bestowed upon you.



  1. This turned out really nice, I love the old map. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    1. I just can't get enough vintage items incorporated into the blog.
      Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

  2. Happy St Patricks Day, Lora! Very nice card!

    1. And to you too!!! You know how we both have always loved old, vintage' things.