Sunday, March 2, 2014


Even tonight we are expecting low temperatures and  possible freezing rain. Last nights' forecast predicted low 70's today.  Like many of you, other than not having tons of snow(sorry Midwest and east coast) temperatures have never been colder for us living in the south this year. 
Right after breakfast, the Mr. and I drug the bound carpet that lies in our Great room outside.  It was   filthy from the winter, dog and all of us tramping in dirt from outside from last summer.
The great thing about this carpet piece is that if the steam cleaner couldn't clean it all, we would throw it away and buy a new one.  Upon moving here, I didn't realize that there was a store here that binds all the leftover carpet remnants.   Check out your local carpet dealers to see if they sell the same type of bound remnants.  Most of them are at least 10 feet by 8. Our piece cost $299  for a (12'x10')piece, which I think is cheap for a carpet covering such a large area.  I love the wood floors, but to be practical, no one wants to sit on them. 
Once the carpet is pulled up, I roll up the pad underneath, vacuum the wood floor and finish with a good Bona scrubbing.  Once dry, the pad is laid back down ready for the clean carpet.

I want to be honest here.  I do not do the cleaning.  Mr. Thrifty does.  All I have to do is vacuum the carpet.  He then drags it outside, gets on his hands and knees and scrubs the carpet with soap, water and a scrub brush.  Lastly, he gets our carpet steamer out and rinses it 3 times.  I have to admit, I think I am pretty lucky to have him do the steam cleaning.  He already mentioned that the first weekend that we can open the windows, he is steam cleaning the bedrooms.
At 11:30 a.m., I was shocked to go outside and see the carpet hanging over the rod iron patio table and chairs.  He is a fast and industrious worker.  We both knew that the 70 degree temperature was short lived, so elevating the carpet would allow it to dry faster in the sun.

By 3:30 this afternoon, the sun had completely dried the carpet.  We placed it on top of the pad.  As you might notice, there are a few wrinkles still on the carpet.  Those wrinkles were cause by the patio chairs underneath the wet carpet.  The carpet will relax those wrinkles in a day or two.
I think the carpet looks brand new.  How awesome!

The carpet creates a designated couch area and the 5x7 design carpet is casually thrown across it.  Personally, I like the diagonal effect.  Some might want to have the smaller carpet laid on top of the remnant piece squarely.

I think that most of us sensing any good weather in our future would probably have done such a job on the first whisper of spring. 

What job will you tackle first this coming spring?

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