Friday, March 14, 2014


I am always looking to infuse family items into my storage elements.  When I first moved into my Grandmother's house, this dish drainer was stored under the kitchen sink.
By the way, in the next month or two, I will chronicle last summer's cleanup of the Maywood house before putting it on the market.  I still marvel at the fact that we three girls, my daughters and myself cleaned for three weeks to ready the once loved house back to one in good condition.  But I'm getting distracted here.
Oh yes, the dish drainer........
My favorite color is red.  When I found the dish drainer under the sink, I pulled it out and knew that I had to treasure this piece forever.  Grandma seemed to always be at the kitchen sink cleaning up after somebody.  She was an awesome woman.
Anyway, when I first moved to this house, I did not plan my organization very well.   Part of that was due to the fact that I fell and broke my right wrist three days after the movers left.  That really put a damper on unpacking.  Mr. Thrifty did an amazing job helping out and did fill the majority of the kitchen cabinets.
                  OK, I'm back on topic once again.                   
I was always frustrated with pan lids in my previous homes.  They never seemed to stay tidy and organized.    So, I pulled out Grandma's dish drainer and put it to good use.
Dish drainers of the past are not solid plastic rather they appear to be a wire wrapped inside rubber tubing.  This dish drainer really cleaned up well.  Isn't she a beaut!
Starting with my smallest lids, I stacked them just like I would put them in the dishwasher.(Notice any OCD tendencies?)

I actually took a silverware holder from another dish drainer and filled it with my plastic funnels.  No more rummaging around for those anymore.

You might notice the tomato red oval casserole dish laid to the side.  How marvelous that the two items compliment each other, but I purchased this dish when in Belgium visiting an old teacher friend. 
You might also notice that I have Pyrex casserole dishes for an army.  Remember, I grew up in a house with 10 children.  I always want to be ready to cook for a large group!  I think I have enough casserole dishes to feed a church dinner.

Rather than appreciate one emotionally attached kitchen item, I now have two awesome memories that come to mind just by opening my kitchen cabinet door.  Some might think this foolish, but I put a lot into childhood memories.  I think they make us happier people.

Look around your house to see what items you can use for a dual purpose.  Maybe you can smile just by opening a kitchen cabinet in your home.

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