Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Years ago after a good friend's mother passed away, he asked me if I would like to have a upholstered chair of hers.  When I first saw the piece, it looked tired, but I knew that with a bit of cleaning up of the carved wooden arms, the chair would come back to life.

This chair had fine elements.  The loose back pillow was feather down.  Other than the tired looking fabric, it was in good condition.
I had an elderly neighbor down the street upholster the chair in pink pillow ticking.  I loved the quirky look.

Once we moved to Huntsville, I found an amazing slip cover lady.  I called her and told her that I had some unusual fabric to cover this chair.  When she came to pick up the chair, she suggested that I put an unusual skirt on the piece.
Here is what she came up with.  Notice the front skirt.

The skirt had pronounced ruffles on the outer corners on the front.

I realize most husbands would cringe at a pink chair in the bedroom, but Mr. Thrifty lets me give some of my thrift finds a really whimsical feel.
I love this chair.  Just knowing that new life was breathed into it makes me so happy.

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