Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Paper Quilt Auction Project

It is time to get back to work on the auction projects coming up.  I put them on the back burner during the holidays, and yesterday, I received an email wondering when the projects would be done.  I'm going to fill you in on a fun project I did awhile back.

Back when we lived in the Little Rock area, I would volunteer in the classrooms to help the students create art projects to place in the silent auction.  I always wanted to make sure that the kids had a hand in their creation.  That year, I had the 7th grade class.

I purchased at Hobby Lobby 8 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper, normally at $.59 apiece for 50% off, rounding the total to about $2.40.  I went to work pre-cutting the paper into 2-inch squares.  I did purchase the frame myself and donated that to the auction effort.

Once all the squares were cut, I made a diagonal cut with each square coming up with two triangles.  I gave each child one triangular piece of each of the 8 patterns to work into the design.  Once I found the exact middle of the cardboard insert, I drew a cross to mark the spot.  One by one, each child came up and made a square using their triangles to create their own design.  There is really no wrong way to do this.


My oldest daughter, at the time wanted lime green, black and fuchsia for her bedroom colors.  This is the one we made for her room.

The kids really enjoyed this project because it looked very nice when they were all done, with a minimum of artistic effort on their part.   When you are finished with the quilt, just pop it back into the glass and frame. You could use any color theme, or even textured paper to create your own work of art.

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