Monday, August 18, 2014


Here is the 2nd Christmas porch posting.  I will hold off until November to show you more of this year's Christmas ideas.

In our neighborhood like most, twinkling and colorful lights hang from most eaves.  It is a beautiful sight!  However, we don't have the typical display out front.  I think sometimes the girls wish that we could be like all the other households--maybe next year.

For the past few years, I  have assembled a grouping of winter accessories to portray our winter scenery.

As a base, I drag out one of my most favorite collectibles from my grandparents--Grandpa's tool box.  In this box, he laid his enormous wrenches.

 Then I added Grandma's granite white and red dish pan that she used for soaking clothes or washing dishes in the basement.  Look at the dents or 'scars' as I call them.  I think they add so much character.

         Inside of this stands the very primitive Christmas tree strung with colored mini lights.

Wrapped around the trunk of the tree is a sateen red and green Christmas plaid tablecloth.

Propped behind the tree stands a set of vintage dark green shutters, picked up on a hunt years ago.  I connected them together at an angle using green floral wire so they will be somewhat stable

On one side, I hang the ecru metal mittens and the other, a metal flower pocket that holds evergreens and red berries. 


                           At the base of the tree, I casually place a set of vintage white skates.

I had a hard time getting my camera to take a good night picture with the lights on.  For now, I will have to settle for a daytime view.

                            Once all this is in place, a spotlight is placed about 10 feet away.

                                       It is a unique but very homey look to the front porch.

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