Saturday, August 30, 2014


   My girls have had almost 4 weeks of school behind them and now the holiday that used to officially start the school year is upon us--Labor Day.  I wanted to finish up the summer season of posts with a cute story of one of our hunts this past summer.

Having just returned from a trip out to Kansas, my youngest daughter begged me to take her to an estate sale.  "I haven't been to one sale all summer!"  She is so funny.  She is the daughter that keeps mental detailed notes about what all her family and friends like and dislike in regards to potential presents.  She scours the sales looking for jewelry and especially vintage books for me.
Which brings me to the posting today.  I had been on the hunt for a desk for Mr. Thrifty.  When doing his office two years ago, I used an old kitchen table as a writing surface for him.  It didn't take long for him to realize that the height of the table was not comfortable for using his laptop.  It was too tall.

 When we first entered the estate sale house, I told my daughter to only look for a desk right off the bat.(There were 4 at this sale.)  We could always go the second round to find smaller items.  The bigger items tend to move faster at the beginning of a sale.

Up the tri-level stairs and lo and behold, there was a desk in the first room.  The top of the desk was covered with displaced items from other shoppers.

This desk cost $65.00.  Since it was Friday, the second day of the sale, the price was down 25% off which brought the price down to $48.75.  You can't beat this deal!  With a price like that, it was an easy choice-- go for it!

I was very excited to see that the front of the desk was finished, as many are not.  I would be able to set the desk in the middle of the room instead of having to place it against the wall.  Since the placement of the completed office had this design, I was fixated on finding such a desk.(Sorry for the poor picture quality.  This was on my cell phone.)

The side had clean lines and added trim work.

I was thrilled to find a desk that might have not been an antique, but was solid wood.
Along with this, the added characteristics made an impression, such as the middle drawer....

the two pull out writing surfaces ....

and the upright file drawer.

Isn't she a beauty!

The top of the desk had some scratches, but nothing that  200 grit sandpaper couldn't get out.

The handles are original.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the hardware yet.

 Now the decision comes.  Do I repaint the entire piece, just the bottom or refinish the whole desk?

 What do you think would look best?  Stay tuned and find out. 

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