Sunday, August 10, 2014


I am sad to say that our summer here in Alabama is over since the girls went back to school on the 5th.  I know this is earlier then some areas of the country.  Now I can forge ahead and get started on the many projects piled up in my garage.
Arriving at an estate sale last spring, I came upon this tattered, worn chaise lounge.  I already had one chaise up-cycled in our home.  When I spied this piece, I knew that I had to buy it for my other daughter.  The girls love to sit in the finished one.  It was priced at $75.00 but everything was 50% off, so I actually paid $37.50.  Another deal that I couldn't pass up.
It looked like this originally.
Taking the slipcover off, it was in this condition.

The first step was to take the skirt off.  Using a screwdriver, hammer and pliers, I took out all the staples.

This tedious job took about 2 hours.

The lounge already looks so much better.

Now it was time to steam clean the upholstery fabric.  Once cleaned, I set it out in the sun to fully dry it.

Until I could purchase some fabric, the chaise would reside up in the rec room upstairs.  I would again want to have this piece slip covered.  I will go search for fabric and find a person to slipcover the piece.  I'll let you know when it is complete.

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