Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 With this being the end of summer, here is a project that you can do in the fall and come spring you will be ready for those parties!

While living in Little Rock 5 years ago, I decided to spray paint our patio furniture to freshen up the back patio before putting the house on the market.
I chose glossy black to go with the new chair cushions.
Cut to the present and table and chairs had faded in the sun.  Notice the original dark green paint showing through the lip on the table.
Using a newer product,

 I again made up my paint tent in the corner of the back yard.  In under 6 hours which included 1 hour drying time on each side, the entire table and 4 chairs were repainted.  This time, the product I used was much better at coverage and had very little overspray and spitting as normally happens when you spray paint a project.

Look at the results.

Not bad for a day's worth of effort.

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