Friday, September 26, 2014


During our cleanup at Mom's house last Thanksgiving, I picked up another bedside table.  There had been a matching twin bed, but that was gone.  I think it is fine to use these type of cabinets in the Great Room.  As long as you back it up to the wall, the piece works perfectly.
Here are some before pictures of this bedside table.

There are some beautiful dimensional characteristics on this piece.

More trim work.

The corners of this bedside table have lived through the lives of 10 children growing up in the house.

Some of the veneer has been worn off.

The top of the piece has really been loved!

This is the original handle.  I can't decide if I will reuse it.

With all the wear and tear on this project, I am going to have to sand it, use spackling compound and then paint it.  What color???

In the end, I have decided to use it in the foyer as an entrance focal point .  We have an spot that it would fit perfectly.

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