Friday, September 19, 2014


After the Tiger Lilies that were transferred from the Maywood house in Illinois bloomed this summer, I was left with the dry stalks.  I had always wanted to incorporate the twigs into my fall display.
I chopped all the stalks down and inserted them into a glass cylinder vase.  That was easy!

At the end of the fall clearance last year, I purchased these dried raffia pumpkins.  They were placed in the bottom of the vase to bring in some of that fall color.

I came upon this next find quite by accident.  I went up to our subdivision's entrance beds to weed them.  While cleaning up the beds, I came upon this volunteer Chinese lantern plant.  I pulled it up and put it in my perennial bed in my backyard.  Looking at the plant today, you can see the plant flourishing.  There is one bloom that is already turning orange.  I hope to dry them and use them in next year's fall displays.
Now back to this posting.

 Also on the clearance rack were these Chinese Lanterns.  They were laid across the back of the mantle.  More orange.....

There were two items that I purchased at Nell Hill's in Atchison this summer.  I found the texture on this garland very interesting.

 Once unraveled, the garland cascaded down from one of my Oriental jars.

Because I didn't unwind the entire garland, I just laid it on top of the vase.

The other item I bought was this Oriental vase that was under $30.00.  For the price, it is a very substantial piece.
A few vintage books were placed on the mantle.

My last item was a beautiful collector plate that I received from a dear friend.  As much as it blends in with the other Oriental pieces, it is actually a scene of the Long Gray Line, a West Point depiction.  Though subtle, I love the way it fits in so well with this mantle.
And here is the Fall Mantle.
 This mantle will be used through Thanksgiving.

I like the combination of the blue Oriental pieces with the orange of the pumpkins and the faux lanterns.

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