Thursday, September 4, 2014


Now that the girls are back in school, its time to think about decorating for fall.  I just wasn't ready to get the pumpkins out yet.
Let's back up to last autumn.  The colors of the fall last season were unusually beautiful.  I picked up various leaves and placed them in an old book between the pages and secured the book with three heavy duty rubber bands.  Leaving them for 11 months dried them out completely.

When I reopened the books, I as surprised to see the jeweled colors remaining.  This led me to another thought.  I bought a crimson jeweled necklace last summer on sale.  I had to put these two items together.

Back to the leaves.  After I pulled out the blue tacky from the office drawer, I started to place the leaves on the lady bust.  Make sure to be careful because the leaves can be very brittle.

In placing the leaves one over another on the headband was a beautiful sight.
The sunlight was catching the explosion of nature's color.

When I visited Belgium in the late 80's, I bought this table runner in Brugges.  Intertwined in the fabric is 7% gold thread.  I thought that was an interesting fact.  But when seeing the front of the runner, you could see the gold threads.

I love the way the jeweled colors add to the foyer display.

It was obvious to use some lighting on the table and Grandma's vintage lamp was the perfect choice.

When cleaning out Mom's house, I found these candlesticks that she bought in Europe while on a trip in 1950--the Holy Year.  I love the red and caramel colored wax drippings that adhered to the sides recalling those many family Thanksgiving dinners.

Another very special item that Mom bought on this trip was a bottle of Holy Water bought in Lourdes,  France.  The label on the lid is very worn, but if you look carefully, you will see the impression of the Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral.

The authentic basket weave decorates the exterior of the bottle of holy water.

Several orange lantern pumpkin twigs add some added texture to the display.

The beautiful regal colors of the leaves add so much to the foyer table.

Such a pretty girl.

See Biscotti laying down keeping an eye on me finishing the autumn foyer decorations. A tapestry covered dining room chair offsets the library table.

Such a welcome to the foyer for the fall season.


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