Sunday, November 30, 2014


I thought a fun way to start the December blog this year was to show you a memory from my past.

Even growing up, my Mom would decorate for Christmas. 
 But I wonder how many Mothers placed their Christmas tree in the playpen to keep the kids away from it?  Well, my Mom did.....
I came upon this picture and wanted to share it with my siblings.  I am not quite 2 yet in this picture and being the youngest of the brood at the time, I think my Mom was wise to deter me from playing with the tree.  My older sisters were well behaved and I was, well, the rambunctious one.

The gentleman hiding from the camera was my Mother's Uncle Tom.  I have a faint recollection that he was 'Santa Claus' on Christmas Eve.

Whether the placing of the tree was more a practical reason or not, it left me with fond memories of my early Christmas holidays.
What early Christmas memories do you still recall?

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