Saturday, December 6, 2014


I always like to change up my Nativity set every Christmas. Two years ago, it looked like this.

The black mirror mantle project was not quite finished by that Christmas.

I had the mirror cut and ready to put into my vintage black mantle top as soon as it was painted.  However, at this time, the mirror itself was lying on top of the dining room buffet. 
Then, the light bulb went off.  Remember in the 60's when Christmas decorations consisted of skaters on a mirror with cotton pieces simulating snow?
  It reminded me of my younger days making a diorama of a skating scene.
 Placing a mirror on the bottom of the shoebox surrounded by cotton gave the easy impression of a outdoor skating rink .(Funny to think that I was making vignettes at such a young age!!)
        It's great when you can find an inspiration quite by accident.  After completing the Nativity scene, the mirror really added quite a bit of reflection not planned.

   This year I took a faux garland of pine needles and cones and laid it across the top of the buffet.
A strand of mini white lights was casually thrown on top of the garland.  I'm almost embarrassed to say that I didn't make an attempt to weave the lights into the garland.  When it's lit up, you won't even notice.  Miniature trees were randomly assembled behind the garlands.

Also adding a vintage silver plated tray up righted behind the mirror catches more light.

The three part buffet mirror adds yet another level of reflection.  The lights will be bouncing all over the room.

At night, the lights add so much to the ambience of the scene.
During our Christmas dinner, the Nativity's glow spreads throughout the room.



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