Saturday, December 20, 2014


Simplicity was the game this season.  To continue the 'Silver Bells' theme in the Great Room this year, I pulled more silver and bells out to create the mantle and coffee table display.
Cleaning the silver plate items was the first item on my agenda.
Let's get to the coffee table first.
Pulling a silver tray out became my base.  Adding a silver goblet and one more large silver ornament continued the theme.
  I had previously purchased 24, yes, 24 silver plated powder dusters at the clearance sale in Little Rock.  They are an easy present to have on hand.  They were only $2.50 a piece, so I feel that I got a great deal.
Adding some bells on silver thread were placed on top of the duster.
Crystal branches cut from an old branch completed the look.

I like the way the carpet design is pulled out from the engraving on the tray.

Of course, to make the tray practical, the remotes were placed on it.
A few gray slated coasters were added for the occasional drinks that were brought to the coffee table.
Now, onto the mantle. 
I pulled out my Christmas floral display made with ivory poinsettias to stage the mantle. 

Adding the silver tray and coffee and tea pitchers were set up in front of the tray. 

I was trying to come up with a snow like fabric to lay on top of the mantle.  One look at my lamb- like throw was the answer.  I pulled it off the couch and scrunched it onto the mantle.

Placing my 2 mercury glass candlesticks on the floor brought in some more sparkle.

Voila!  The mantle is complete.

I just need to add the stockings and we will be ready to go.

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