Thursday, March 5, 2015


The following post was written yesterday.  As I woke to the sound of raining sleet this morning, I was relieved that I had the forethought to save the forsythia.
As I walked outside this morning to take the recycled veggies to the bin, I noticed how warm and blustery the day had become. 
 Glancing to the left of the bin, I noticed that the forsythia bush had already started blooming.  This was such a surprise because of the winter we had been having here in the south. 
 When I came back inside, I checked the temperature and  was surprised to see that it was 64 degrees outside.  Knowing that the school would probably be dismissed early because of an anticipated winter storm again....I knew that I needed to take some action.
As much as I had convinced myself that spring was on its way, I took a look at the 'spring mantle'.
Before the next blast of artic air came, I took my garden shears outside and cut multiple branches of forsythia and brought them inside.  Hoping to force the cuttings, I gathered the branches and secured a rubber band  around them.
While outside, I took a measuring tape to cut the branches about the same size.  That way, the secured branches had the same length when placed in the vase.
Once the branches were placed in the water filled vase, the opening allowed them to flop around.  I grabbed some scotch tape and taped 4 pieces to the top of the vase to keep the branches stationary.  Once the vase is placed on top of the mantle, the tape will be hidden.

 I can't wait to see more of the buttercup yellow blossoms.

The yellow will compliment the blue and white oriental pottery on the mantle.

From the distance, the branches appear rather boring.

I think in a matter of days, the blooms will start appearing, and I can ignore the wintry weather outside.

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