Sunday, March 22, 2015


While visiting our local Habitat REstore shop, I found these treasures and paid $8.00 for all of them.

The cabinet door will be a future coffee table tray, the Merck medical dictionary is for my youngest, the baby blue book will be added to my collection of beautiful book covers,  the blue and white oval dish will become a soap holder in my upstairs bathroom, the dinner dish will be broken into mosaic pieces since it has a major chip on the side, the small cream bowl will accent my Irish Beleek bells, the small mirrored frame will become a picture frame, the grey crown molding piece will become a possible coat holder, the scalloped trim will be attached to a frame, the two clear bowls will be perfect dip bowls, the vintage cards will be used in card making and finally, the Hampton Inn wastebasket($1.00) will be used in this next project.

Yes, I am going to be very busy using my new found treasures.

Today, we will have an easy make-over with the wastebasket.

After a stop at Michael's I picked up this initial K to personalize the wastebasket.  Notice the $.59 price!

For the last 3 months, I have preparing to send my oldest off to college.  I purchased this colorful Bohemian bedding set for her.  It is just her style.

Isn't it cute?  I can almost picture a Moroccan hanging lamp from the ceiling, but I should stop myself, after all, it's just a college dorm room.

Using E6000 adhesive, I glued the initial on to the front of the wastebasket.

I let it dry overnight.

The next day, I gave it a coat of my most favorite spray primer.  This too, was left overnight.

That was easy work!

A quick trip to the store found this perfect color to compliment the bedding.

With 2 coats of paint, the wastebasket is transformed.

This was an fun, easy project.  For $1.59 minus tax, I think my oldest daughter will be surprised at her own personalized waste basket.

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