Sunday, March 1, 2015


This posting was written last week. 

This has been the winter of frequent delayed school mornings.  Today, however, the girls had the entire day off.
My oldest daughter had made sushi rolls at a friend's house and wanted to make them at home.  Today was the perfect time and since the wintry mix had not yet started, it was time to go to the Oriental store and buy the ingredients and supplies.
rice wine vinegar
hoisin sauce
roasted seaweed sheets
cream cheese
sushi rice
avocado slices
sliced carrots
fake crab strips
2 scrambled eggs
bamboo rolling sheet

Make the sushi rice and set aside.  Sorry, but I forgot the picture of the cooked rice.

Mix 2 tablespoons of each:  hoisin sauce and mayonnaise.  Set aside.

Make the scrambled eggs into an omelet of sorts.  Thinly slice the scrambled eggs.  Set aside.

 Slice the avocados. Set aside.
Slice the carrots.  Set aside.
Slice the cream cheese.  Set aside.
Take your crab sticks and tear them into  strips. 
Again, sorry no picture.
Take a bowl and combine equals amounts of water and rice wine vinegar.
This will become the dipping bowl.  Your fingers will get very sticky getting the rice for the roll.  Always dip your fingers into the rice vinegar mixture before grabbing some rice.  This extra moisture from the rice vinegar and water will flavor your rice a bit.
Set up your assembling area.
 Bring over your assembled crab, cheese, veggies, egg, crab and hoisin sauce mixture.
We are ready to get started.
Place your seaweed sheet SHINY SIDE DOWN onto the bamboo mat.
Spoon the hoisin sauce all around the seaweed sheet.
My oldest daughter is demonstrating at this point.
Spread the hoisin sauce evenly over the seaweed sheet.
 Dip your fingers into the rice vinegar mixture and then get some rice.
Spread the rice on top of the sauce. 
 It can be spotty, but not too lumpy.
Place on the end closest to yourself the strips of crab, carrot, egg, avocado and cream cheese.
Using the bamboo mat, roll it up.
 Squeeze the roll after it is rolled.  This can be done with the bamboo mat.
Now this is the first time we have made these.  I think with added practice, we could make the rolls thinner and more uniform.             
The hardest thing in making these rolls is actually cutting them without smushing(Is that a word?)them.  You need the sharpest knife you have in your kitchen.  We had trouble cutting them and keeping them in a round shape.  Once the hoisin mixture is spread onto the seaweed, it begins to soften up and tearing the seaweed is very easy to do.  Just remember if they don't look perfect, they still taste wonderful.
Serve them on a plate.  Notice the not so circular shape.
After the first taste sampling, my daughter thought that they were a bit bland.  It was decided to add some of the hoisin sauce to the plate for extra dipping.
Now, it was time to try my hand at making the rolls.
My attempt was not much more successful.  Practice makes perfect.  I will tell you that no matter the shape, they tasted great.
My final note is to rinse the bamboo mat after use and set it aside to dry.
Don't wait for a wintry mix to try these delectable delights.

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