Thursday, March 26, 2015


The winter season this year has been more gloomy an dreary than the normal southern winters.  With the gray days, the anticipation for spring is more than welcome. 
To bring some spring essence into the foyer, bright pops of color were a necessity.
I started with the vintage headboard bench that Mr. Thrifty built for me years again. 
 To add some more chippiness, I grabbed the two gingerbread brackets from the porch posts. 

A up-cycled brass urn painted with Annie Sloan Paris Grey paint was set between the two brackets.



I took the pillow made from the shabby strips of quilting material  from  my bed and brought it into the foyer.  I needed pops of pastels to bring the spring indoors. 
A   ruffled coral peony was inserted into the gray urn.
A fresh look with the up-cycled Eastlake chair brought a pop of periwinkle into the foyer.

Even though the sun does not shine on these late February days, walking through the foyer and seeing  the bright pastels will give the sense that SPRING is right around the       


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