Saturday, April 11, 2015


Spring has really taken off in the backyard perennial bed.  I love perennials!!  Even though they cost a bit more than annuals, you only plant them once.  And every spring, they surprise me.  I cannot believe how tall the peony bushes are getting in just a matter of days.  You might recall that I replanted three of these bushes from my Grandmother's house in Peoria.  What a connection that I can still enjoy the very plants that she once so tenderly cared for.

Another surprise was to see the buds starting to form on one of the plants.

Wooly lamb's ear is in abundance already.  In the distance you might spy my lovely lilac bush.

Just walking up to the top of the yard, the fragrance just takes me away.  Memories of long ago wafting in the breeze makes me so happy.

This lilac was planted 3 years ago.  I am very pleased with the growing results thus far.

Wait for the next posting of cutting the lilacs for the Great Room.

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