Friday, April 3, 2015


 There is a wonderful backstory to this post. 
When I was young, I looked forward to going to Grandma's house to make the annual Easter lamb.  When she would lift the mold out of the vintage box, I recall being so thrilled to help make another one of her masterpieces. 
Grandma went over every detail to make sure that I could myself make the lamb all by myself.  I remember her breaking a toothpick in two so that she could lay one half of the toothpick in each ear filled with batter to stabilize the cake when it was finished baking.  I recall her frosting it and adding the white coconut on top to simulate the lamb's wool.  Cutting one black jelly bean in half would become the eyes on the face.
In later years when I made this wonderful Easter creation, I would tie a satin ribbon around the lamb's neck.  I'm not sure if I will bake a lamb cake this year, but I knew that I had to use the mold in some other way in the house.
Years back, I was in charge of decorating for the school's First Communion reception.  The cake mold came to mind, but I needed something else.  I bought a resin cross at Michael's and painted it and antiqued it to match the metal of the iron lamb mold.(Yes, it is heavy!)  The  lamb and cross were placed on a large silver plated square cake stand.  It was spectacular to look upon.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that cake table.

Getting back to the coffee table, I
 secured the cross to the lamb itself using blue tacky that teacher's use to hang up papers.

Setting the lamb on a bed of wooly lamb's ear plantings seemed appropriate.  The old, scratched silver plated tray is the base of this display.  I promise you, no one will look for the scratches.  They will be in awe of the beautiful lamb.

I usually try to use the coffee table display as a holder of the remotes.  I just couldn't do that to this beautiful scene.  I think I will have to hide them in the side table drawer during this Easter season.

With the backdrop of the black rod iron fireplace gate(Thank you Marts!) the great room is ready for the glorious of seasons.


Easter Greetings to All


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