Wednesday, April 15, 2015


What a wonderful discovery to find the lilac bush blooming outside.  Besides their lovely fragrance, the color compliments the soft greys in the Great room.
To get started, I took out a roll of paper doily trim.  
After cutting a piece to wrap around a crystal vase, I taped the ends in the back.

While taking the girls to the beach two weeks back, I purchased a beautiful shell from one of the tourist stores.  Laying it on Grandma's crocheted doily left a sweet memory of her.

While on the beach, the girls picked up some shells in the sand.

I gathered them into Mom's baby cup.

After cutting a few branches from the lilac bush, I inserted them into the doily decorated vase filled with water.

Adding the grey slate coasters to the whitewashed tray completed the setting.

Besides their beauty, the aromatic fragrance fills the room and brings a smile to my face.


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