Monday, April 27, 2015


I brought this bedside table from the family home last summer.

After I completed the mirror-glass mosaic and black mirror for inside the front door, I knew what I wanted to do with this bedside table.  It would be a perfect fit to place under the mirror, so painting it black was the answer.

Sanding and a lot of filling in holes is necessary before the actual painting begins.  After 1 1/2 hrs. of sanding the piece was ready for patching.

Look at the close up of the top corner.  It almost looks like a dog chewed it, but instead, it was probably caused by the use of 10 kids.

 What I did notice was that the veneer on the top had a piece missing.  Before patching, wood glue was placed under the loose spot and let to dry.  This process cost me an added day.

I needed to fill one of the cabinet door pulls because the newer pull has a different space between the handles.  However, after measuring the new handle, I decided to fill only one hole.

This is a view of the top of the cabinet door with dried wood putty.  The putty filled the hole nicely.

The veneer on the top filled, but still needs another layer of wood putty.  Another day lost.  I have learned my lesson.  Even though it takes more time, it is wise to apply a layer of wood putty on the existing wood putty.  If the putty is applied too thick, it will not dry underneath and as time goes on, it will shrink from within.  Always remember to sand the puttied areas when dry to prepare for the next coat of putty.

And then there is the poor corner.  I think this area will take at least 2 more applications of wood putty to fully restore its shape. 

It still looks pretty ugly.  I promise you after painting, you won't even know that it was ever repaired.

The second coat of putty applied to the corner.

This is the cabinet door after the second coat was applied to the screw hole left by the old handle.  The top of the door was fixed with just one layer of wood putty.

The second coat of putty was applied to the top of the piece.

After re-sanding these puttied areas, I will be ready for the priming process.

  Stay tuned for the reveal.

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