Tuesday, April 7, 2015


After I had painted the homemade quilt rack that my Dad had made for me, I thought about putting it in front of the great room fireplace.  My decision changed after I placed it in front of the bedroom mantle.  I had to place the chippy light green window in front of the quilt frame.  It almost looks like a framed picture.

This mantle has no heat source so it would be safer to place the quilts there.  I am so happy with the color of the quilt frame.  The colors in the hanging quilts compliment both the window and quilt frame.

For Christmas, my dear friend Tara gave me this adorable steam punk ornament.  The colors were perfect to add to this vignette.  Other than getting a nail and a hammer out of the garage, the ornament was quickly hung on the window frame.

 I love this new addition!

Who says a bit of bling can't add another layer of dimension?

I wonder why it took me so long to repaint the quilt frame?

This is now a great spot to sit down, take a rest and read a bit.  I think I will.

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