Sunday, April 20, 2014


 Easter Tidings to all.

I wanted to share one more posting this Easter.  It is a story of giving.
This post begins with the story about how much my friend Tara and I love estate sales.  We are always telling each other of our special finds.  One particular day, I stopped by an estate sale after dropping my youngest daughter off at school.  When I returned home, and we were on the phone,  I had mentioned that I found this adorable crystal bowl with a base of silver plate.  I didn't purchase it because I couldn't think of a use for it.  As we were talking, she said that she was looking for a sweet little crystal bowl to put on her vanity.  After getting off the phone, I immediately called the estate sale lady and asked if the piece had been sold.  The answer was no.  I asked if she would hold it, and off I went.

The silver band is almost unblemished.

I decided to put it on my vanity to hold jewelry.  I couldn't keep it.  Tara wanted it, so the decision was made.  I waited until Easter and filled it with a cute decoupage egg.

 Besides being an old piece, I wonder what the last owner  used this delicate piece of crystal for?
And now onto a new owner.
I'm sure she will be pleasantly surprised when she opens this little Easter surprise.


  1. OMG! I have one just like it! Now you need one!

  2. I LOVE IT!!! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for my beautiful treasure! I agree with Loretta, we need to find you one too. Love you Lora!