Saturday, November 14, 2015


Prior to creating my Valentine's Day collage 3 years ago, I came upon this picture at an estate sale.

The first step was cleaning the glass and frame itself.  After running my fingers over the print itself, it was full of grime.  I took a damp paper towel and wiped down the print.

This was the collage that still hangs in our bedroom.

Even though the frame was damaged, I liked the worn look.

Since I took out the original print, I realized that it reminded me of Thanksgiving.

I picked up a frame at Hobby Lobby for $4.00(a 90% discount) in the discount aisle.  The picture itself needed to be cut down since most of the edges were torn and worn.  This frame was significantly smaller than the original frame.

Here is the reason it was so cheap.  A corner had been damaged, but I knew I could fix that.

Pulling out some spackling compound, I recreated the corner.

This is before I sanded the edges.

Once sanded, I placed the damaged print onto the back of the frame and cut the print down to size to fit into the frame.

I realize that my taping job was rather poor, but I forged ahead.

The corner was sanded.

I used my favorite spray primer to spray the fixed corner.

Primed frame corner.

Using my gilding gold wax, I covered the primer corner.

I can't get over how much more vibrant the print looks in its new gilded frame.

Quite a difference from the original print. 

This newly framed print will be the focus of my Thanksgiving foyer.

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  1. Looks so much nicer in the new frame, you did a beautiful job.